Group Sessions


Whatever your skill level and/or requirements we have you covered with a variety of programs.

If you are unsure of the class your and/or your child should be in please book into an assessment session - usually held on Thursday afternoon for 15mins.
Red Ball

The use of slower balls by coaches working with starter players, ensuring that their first experience of tennis is a positive one by serving, rallying and scoring from the first lesson

Ages: 4-6yr olds

Orange Ball

Develop technique, ability to rally, body coordination, challenge & concentration, group interaction, self-confidence, fun

Ages: 6-10yr olds

Green Ball

Consolidate technique and swing patterns, game strategy, develop physical skills, discover the game, rules and type of competition

Ages: 10-12yr olds

Teen Classes

Using the Yellow ball, specifically grouped classes just for teens

Adult Classes

Using the Yellow Ball, specifically grouped for adults only and grouped into skill ability

Private Sessions



Private and Semi-Private sessions can be held either of our 2 locations or even at your own home court.

To book into these sessions you will need to contact us, so that we can schedule in sessions.  In your query please provide your preferred location and availability so that we can provide options to you as soon as possible.

Elite Programs


Individual and group specific programs catered to the needs of the individual and/or group.  Elite. High Jnr national ranking or scholarship holders.

Students are placed in these programs from our internal talent identification program or are currently training at an advanced level.  This is an invitational program, and you will need to contact us to obtain details on how to gain entry



A different way to improve and challenge your fitness levels - Cardio Tennis does not require any tennis skills, its all about the cardio. 

Holiday Camps